Lebrone Neo

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Diploma in Music Production & Audio Engineering
ABRSM Piano Grade 6
ABRSM Theory Grade 5
3 years teaching experience
Music & arts
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'lofi beats' Editorial Placement
Orita Sinclair, School of Music & Design Feature
Kawaii Love Lofi 2 Music Pack
I've been able to help casual learners learn more about music and production, and all of them walked off being independent and able to work on creating their own music on their own, or performing in public. ; I've taught kids ranging from 5-17, and it may be challenging to get the attention of kids especially when they are much younger. However through understanding what are their likes or dislikes I'm able to tailor and craft the lessons in a fun and engaging way for them to learn! ; There were a few of my students who took lessons and eventually used their finished music piece for their own film projects, company advertisements and etc. I believe what they have learnt will not come to waste, with their new and ready skills to craft and make simple instrumentals to accompany their video content in the future.

Work Experiences

I’m able to teach everything about Music Production to the best of my abilities (basically how to come up with a song with just any idea) Things I'll be covering are: Songwriting, Arrangement, Tracking, Editing, Mixing and Mastering. Specialities includes: Lofi/Jazzhop/Chillhop Other genres: Hiphop/R&B Everything from Audio tracking, MIDI, EQ, Reverb, Compression, Phasing, Distortion, Sampling, Sound design, SFX, Transitions, other creative elements and etc. From beginners to advanced producers, teaching how to navigate the DAW, to equipment usage, MIDI, gain-staging, introduction to plugins and audio editing for starters to advanced stuff like EQ/Compression, Parallel buses, sidechaining to create envelopes, reverbs, SFX and other creative aspect of things to your mixing and mastering. Start your music journey today!

Other Experiences

Lebrone, also known as "hotpotatoes" is a passionate and creative musician who composes blissful and groovy piano arrangements of lofi songs. In the perfect blend between soft piano melodies, lofi drums and chopped samples, it’s almost apparent that his inspirational roots goes deep into the Japanese game scene, giving thanks to composers like Nobuo Uematsu and Joe Hisaishi, and game soundtracks for shaping his style and expressiveness as a producer. Listen to my works over at Spotify, Apple Music and etc, under 'hotpotatoes'
Currently a freelance music producer, over the past two years, I've been doing a lot of music production/audio post work for both professional and recreational purposes, throughout my time in Orita Sinclair, ONE Championship, WOWSound and other collaborative works with fellow artists over the world. I'm also an artist on Spotify, garnering an estimated of 1.5 million streams since my first release in Nov 2021, and currently an artist under The Jazz Hop Café. I play the piano, compose and produce music for my personal projects with various Record Labels, and composed 'Kawaii Love Lofi 2' Music pack for WOWSound. I've also done collaborative works with other musicians as well, and I'm still learning on the daily!

Education History

Learning from my lecturers and fellow peers in school, I began finding my own genre and sound, lofi. Thru the use of sampling techniques, jazzy key chords and sound manipulation, his tracks managed to land into a few record label deals under The Jazzhop Cafe, Vinyl Digital, Chill Ghost, Yawn! and Calm Beats.

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